The Clever Use of Famous Animal Logos to Illustrate Different Businesses

Posted by Company Logo Design on October 31, 2011 at 1:20 AM

Following are some ideas of how you can use famous animal logos successfully in different kinds of businesses:

A pet utility store, or a pet clinic:

Usually when we go to pet clinics and hospitals, the most common illustrations that come across us are cats, dogs, and parrots. One look at the illustration and it becomes clear what we are going to deal with. This is the quality of an illustrative icon.

A book store or a library:

An owl and a honey bee are the two creatures which are known worldwide for representing hard work and wisdom. Usually libraries use owls to represent knowledge and wisdom. Even a honey bee is known worldwide for its hard work and devotion.


Usually sports teams want to intimidate their opponents; they wear t-shirts with certain slogans and illustrations that arouse a feeling of fear and respect. A tiger, a fierce wolf, and an eagle with its wings outstretched are just the creatures to depict that.

Women, or fashion designer:

For women’s fashion, style usually is the main component of the illustration, including comfort and confidence. Usually cat is the perfect illustration of grace, femininity, and poise. Another creature that can be used for the same purpose is butterfly.

Men’s fashion and design:

For men, strength, style, and masculinity are everything. So we go with such a creature that would represent all these qualities very well. For example, a black panther would be the perfect illustrative creature. Men usually want to depict the qualities of a panther when they are all dressed up. These are the qualities of best animal logos.

Music and entertainment:

Mostly, birds are known as creatures with many vocal tones and harmonious nature. Usually birds are used to illustrate music bands and groups, or recording companies. Common birds that are usually used include the cuckoo and the nightingale. These are the most appropriate birds that would illustrate a music company or a group.

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